Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Second Circle is Earth

A Canticle to the Second Circle:  The Second Circle is Earth

Touched as chosen, dancing breath upon the Earth.
All Earth in Unique Time.
To Earth's circle we are delivered,
Earth born we are.
Earth's circle nourishes our strengths.
Earth circle reveals weakness,
Weakness that Spirit dedicates to strength.
Earth carries us to knowledge of others.
Earth we have been.
What we will be, Earth can taste.
Rejoicing Earth in what we are.
Sentient Earth.
Blessed Earth.
Earth hears when heard by us.
Earth has touched what we now feel.
In ancient witness,
Earth shares.
Earth releases.
Earth embraces.
Earth prepares.
Earth receives.
Earth restores.
Earth upholds.
Blessing upon blessing.
Sacred home to all humankind.
All humankind,
Lie down upon dust.
By water be covered over.
By fiery depths be consumed.
By elemental winds be scattered.
By breath,
By dance,
Know Earth.

- from Sweet Unpleasant Realities -

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