Thursday, July 9, 2015

If You Meet the Buddha on the Road.

A buddha traveling east on the road passes a buddha traveling west on the road.
Neither notices.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Body/Mind - No Conflict

The body is not 'superimposed' on the mind, heart, spirit, soul...

It is more 'sub-present' - to all of these.

The body is the 'sub-foundation' of all that we think - and more importantly - all that we truly feel.

When we accept our bodily reality, we are giving to ourselves our true home - We are restoring the ownership of the 'temple of the Holy Spirit.'

Our bodies - with all their desires - are not the 'enemies' to our true and pure hearts - they are actually our strongest allies - and as such, we should not only accept what our bodies are telling us - we should honor the wisdom that their evolution has brought to us....

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Perfectly Not Perfect

Trying to maintain a state of 'perfection' - as in adhering to the false religion of 'perfectionISM' - is a really good way to avoid being the real human that you are!

First of all, you wall yourself off from the uncertain - but real - emotions and thoughts that prove you are - just like all of us - fallible and prone to errors.

Second, a perfectionist - because they feel they are holding themselves to such a high standard - often thinks it is perfectly (pun intended) okay to find great offense in the behaviors of others. 'Since I hold myself to such high standards, you clearly have failed me.'

Finally, perfectionism is a form of elitism that ultimately knows no bounds. It really is just another boring color in the palette of narcissism - It both excuses and validates all manner of bad behavior, under the guise of a bizarre form of saintly righteousness.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Give and Take

Everyone you meet holds up a mirror to your true self.

If you are listening, then you will meet someone who holds both a mirror and a floodlight.

And if you are truly fortunate, your desire to listen will cause everyone you meet to turn that light on.

If you stand strong in this intention to listen deeply, your own light will shine back to them in a way that they will perceive, and that will be to their benefit, as well.