Sunday, June 20, 2010

Faith is Breath and Dance

To penetrate the veils of freedom that faith reveals, we are called to breathe and to dance; we are called to fire and ice. We submit our egos, even our absolute and unique selves, to mystical union, and receive the most unexpected gift that Spirit could return from that union: our absolute and unique identities.

It used to matter greatly to me to be ready to defend the architecture of my bridges - my changing beliefs and their systems. Like an untried prophet, I have stood unwavering in my hesitation - afraid to speak the words of breath and dance, of Life and Spirit; afraid to speak the words because I feared they might be true.

I do not know if I have free will...

I only know I have so much left to do.

Let me try.

Let me try to burn away in that profound and passionate flame. But if not that, let me try to be entirely shattered to a frozen crystalline obscurity, so that my many parts might lay hidden like grains of sand on a shining desert beach. Gems of icy fire, I will wash into the sea; flames upon the waves; the day arrives and departs in reminders of the jewels of a future too distant to be imagined,though memory can still hear the surf breaking.

Let me try.

But even before my efforts fail, Spirit will breathe and I will dance, Spirit will dance and I will breathe. Breathing and dancing fire and ice...

- Excerpt from Sweet Unpleasant Realities.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Ways, One Song

Two birds
to a tree.

One remembered the way,
and sang.

One thought only of the tree,
and sang.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Impermanence: The Subtle Friend

"Not a single object, thought, feeling, concept, or state of being exist in an enduring fashion. Everything rises from the unmanifested state, becomes manifested, and dissolves into the unmanifested again. The attempt to hold that which is impermanent for longer than its allotted course of time is known as 'grasping.' One can grasp at objects, thoughts, and so on."
- Excerpt from "The Antidote to Time" -

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Faith Results in Action

When you act out of a sense of faith,

you temporarily suspend the belief

that you are unable to move beyond yourself.