Sunday, March 22, 2015

Perfectly Not Perfect

Trying to maintain a state of 'perfection' - as in adhering to the false religion of 'perfectionISM' - is a really good way to avoid being the real human that you are!

First of all, you wall yourself off from the uncertain - but real - emotions and thoughts that prove you are - just like all of us - fallible and prone to errors.

Second, a perfectionist - because they feel they are holding themselves to such a high standard - often thinks it is perfectly (pun intended) okay to find great offense in the behaviors of others. 'Since I hold myself to such high standards, you clearly have failed me.'

Finally, perfectionism is a form of elitism that ultimately knows no bounds. It really is just another boring color in the palette of narcissism - It both excuses and validates all manner of bad behavior, under the guise of a bizarre form of saintly righteousness.